Tissue Views, Page three. Views of France

A word about tissue views. Each view has a scan and a backlit photo. The camera does weird things with the focus on these and sometimes they are blurred or the detail is not picked out. Sometimes the angle of photography has to be flattened out which loses the color. The photos should be used as an indication  only as, often what seems like very crude images, will turn out to be totally different (and very much better) on the actual view. It is very difficult to judge the view from the screen but please remember we will refund on any view you are not happy with, if returned within 10 days of receipt.

The question of damage on tissues needs some comment. Piercings were sometimes done in lines and the holes join and become a split. Often the backing tissue has damage whereas the view is fine. The most common type of damage is what I will describe as a fingernail split where, literally, someone's fingernail has pierced the view. So cut your nails before viewing! There is a cottage industry repairing tissues with varying degrees of success. I do not repair or restore ANY views because: 1. My customers prefer it that way, and 2. I am useless at it.
One other term you might see on these pages: 'delaminated mount' means that the layers of card are coming apart and need refixing - an easy job.

Piercings, by the way, were often done on one image (usually the left) only as, obviously, they were not needed on both to get the effect.  I will try to mention all damage but will restrict condition to that.

Block, Paris. 'Grand Prix de Paris'. A stereoview of an illustration - not a photograph.
Order #18001.
Price $18.

Condition. Damage as illustrated and tiny dent in sky on left image.
Order #18003.
Price $8.

Leon & Levy. 'Theatre de ??Ara?????'.
Order #18004.
Price $15.

Block. L'Eglise de St. Eustache, Paris'.
Condition. Slight fingernail split as illustrated. Some damage to mount.
Order #18005.
Price $12.

Block. 'Tribunal de Commerce, Paris'.
Order #18006.
Price $18.

'Place du Chatelet, Paris'.
Condition. Foxing. Small white mark is probably a bookworm's dinner.
Order #18007.
Price $12.

H.J. (??Jouvin). 'Bd. de Sebastopol'. Thanks to Rob who states: 'This is definitely Hippolyte Jouvin. This is the same image as #53 from his Vues Instantanées de Paris series. It is cropped differently, as seems often to be the case with tissues versus flat-mounts; but it from the same negative'.
Order #18008.
Price $18.

'Porte St Denis'.
Condition. Slight damage as illustrated.
Order #18009.
Price $15.

Block. 'Abside de Notre Dame'.
Condition. Lighting strip slightly apart.
Order #18011.
Price $18.

'Notre Dame'.
Condition. Foxing.
Order #18012.
Price $12.

E. Lamy. 'Notre Dame'.
Order #18013.
Price $18.

E. Lamy. 'Rue Royale'.
Condition. Very light foxing in sky.
Order #18014.
Price $18.

'Ministere de la Marine'. Plus a couple of lines in Flemish.
Order #18015.
Price $15.

E. Lamy. 'Madeleine'.
Order #18016.
Price $18.

Block. 'Le Louvre'.
Condition. Couple of very slight fingernail splits, slight foxing in sky, slight losses to mount.
Order #18018.
Price $12.

Order #18019.
Price $15.

Condition. Couple of foxing marks.
Order #1821.
Price $15.

Order #18022.
Price $12.

'Chateau de Versailles. Cote du Parc'. Early view with full tissue back.This is one of those views that views with a blue tint. There are three layers here with a blue interleaving between the image and the backing tissue.
Condition. Couple of foxing marks in sky.
Order #18023.
Price $22.

Condition. Slight split in top left corner. Couple of fairly bold foxing marks.
Order #18024.
Price $12.

Block. 'Le Pantheon'.
Condition. Very slight foxing.
Order #18025.
Price $18.

'Castigliary et Colonne Vendome'.
Condition. One very small split, professionally repaired.
Order #18026.
Price $15.

'Paris. Rue Castiglione'.
Condition. Odd foxing spots.
Order #18027.
Price $12.

Condition. Odd foxing spots. One dent.
Order #18028.
Price $15.

'Colonne de la Bastille'.
Condition. Slight split in backing tissue.
Order #18029.
Price $18.

'Place de la Concorde.'. Early view with full backing tissue and blue interleaving.
Order #18030.
Price $22.

'Colonne Vendome'.
Condition. Image has shrunk away from mount at left, causing a wrinkle. tissue backing almost TOTALLY missing.
Order #18031.
Price $8.

'La Tour St Jacques, Paris'.
Order #18032.
Price $15.

'Porte St Martin'.
Condition. Slight fingernail split as illustrated.
Order #18033.
Price $15.

'Paris. Panorama'.
Condition. Foxing on backing tissue.
Order #18034.
Price $12.

'Paris. Hotel de Ville'.
Order #18035.
Price $18.

Block. 'Panorama des 7 ponts, Paris'.
Condition. A couple of slight foxing marks.
Order #18036.
Price $18.

E. Lamy. 'Vue sur la Seine'.
Condition. Mount slightly split and very slight split at bottom of right image.
Order #18037.
Price $15.

'Pont de la Concorde'.
Condition. Tiny lifting mark at top of right image.
Order #18038.
Price $15.

'Hotel de Cluny'.
Condition. Piercing have almost joined up in places, slight backing tissue damage.
Order #18041.
Price $12.

Title unreadable but ' ... a Paris'.
Condition. A few foxing marks.
Order #18043.
Price $10.

Block. 'L'Institute. Quartier Latin'.
Order #18044.
Price $18.

'Arc du Carousel'.
Condition. A few foxing spots in sky.
Order #18045.
Price $18.

Condition. Piercing has joined up and backing tissue has slightly shrunk away from line of holes.
Order #18046.
Price $12.

'Trinite, Paris'.
Condition. Visible foxing as scan.
Order #18047.
Price $12.

Order #18049.
Price $15.

'Jardin national'.
Condition. Slight fingernail split in tree on left image, slight brown mark at top of right image.
Order #18050.
Price $15.

Block. 'Ecole des Beaux Arts. Quartier Latin'.
Condition. Fingernail split on left image at row of lights.
Order #18051.
Price $12.

G.A.F. Untitled.
Condition. Grubby mount, one very slight hole.
Order #18052.
Price $10.

E. Lamy. Later titled 'Summer residence of the Duke of Nassau'. Superb tinting.
Order #18053.
Price $22.

'Le Bois de Boulogne'. Early view with full backing tissue and blue interleaving.
Condition. Some foxing.
Order #18054.
Price $15.

'Le Bois de Boulogne'. Early view with full backing tissue and blue interleaving.
Condition. Minor damage to backing tissue. Diagonal line on left is a tree!
Order #18055.
Price $15.

Block. '3567. Pavillon et Jardin francais. Palais du Petit Trianon'. Night view with surprise moon.
Condition. Very slight fault on fountain in right image.
Order #18056.
Price $18.

Block. '3456. Bassin de Ceres. Parc du Palais de Versailles'.
Condition. Fairly large split at top of left image.
Order #18057.
Price $8.

Block. Untitled surprise fire tissue.
Order #18058.
Price $22.

'Rond-Point des Champs Elysees, Paris'.
Condition. Slight dent at top of building in right image.
Order #18059.
Price $15.

E. Lamy. Untited view of Nothre Dame.
Condition. Slightest of splits at the lighted windows on left image.
Order #18060.
Price $15.

E. Lamy. 'Tuileries'.
Condition. Split at top of building in left image. Lights have joined.
Order #18061.
Price $8.

Ch. D. Russell Norton surmises that this may be Block's photographer for the 'Diableris'. 'Pont de L??, Pyrenees'. Beautiful tinting.
Condition. Some foxing on both images.
Order #18062.
Price $15.

Suisse et Savoie. 'Chambery'.
Condition. Slight split in bottom of mount.
Order #18063.
Price $18.

'Thiers. Auvergne'.
Order #18064.
Price $18.

'Murat le quaire, Auvergne'.
Condition. Three splits at top and bottom of left image and right side of right image. Couple of foxing spots.
Order #18065.
Price $8.

Order #18066.
Price $12.

'Pyrenees'. Climber on rocks.
Condition. Slight split and stain at right edge.
Order #18067.
Price $12.

E. Lamy. Views of the Pyrenees. '117. Gorge du Pas de Roland, pres Cambo'.
Condition. Light foxing.
Order #18068.
Price $15.

J.L. (? Lamy). 'La Bourboule, Auvergne'.
Order #18069.
Price $22.

Order #18070.
Price $18.

E. Lamy. 'Vue prise de la Cascade du Bois de Boulogne
Order #18071.
Price $15.

'259. Palais de Trianon a Versailles (Peristyle)'. London Stereoscopic blindstamp.
Condition. One foxing mark.
Order #18072.
Price $15.

'164. Galerie de Henri II (Chateau de Fontainebleu).
Order #18073.
Price $18.

'165. Grand Salon de la Grande Duchesse de Bade (Chateau de Fontainebleu)'.
Order #18074.
Price $18.

'Versailles. Galerie des Batailles'.
Condition. Backing tissue foxed and split at left edge.
Order #18075.
Price $12.

Block. 'Galerie des Fetes, Fontainebleu'.
Condition. Very slight fingernail split center of left image.
Order #18076.
Price $12.

Block. 'Salon Henri II, Fontainebleu'.
Order #18077.
Price $18.

Block. Chambre a coucher de l'Empereur. Fontainebleu'.
Order #18078.
Price $18.

'Galerie des Glaces (Palais de Versailles)'.
Order #18079.
Price $18.

'Chapelle, Versailles'.
Condition. Slight damage to tissue backing.
Order #18081.
Price $15.

'Salon de Dian a Fontainebleu'.
Order #18082.
Price $22.

Paris Instantante. '56. Grandes eaux de Saint-Cloud'.
Condition. One very slight split in flowers as image.
Order #18084.
Price $18.

The next section of Block views are some of the finest ever produced.

Block. '3310. Hotel-de-Ville. Salons de Reception. Coin de Feu'.
Order #18088.
Price $22.

Block. '3311. Hotel-de-Ville. Salon de Reception. Le Pouf'.
Order #18089.
Price $22.

E. Lamy. 'Salle de ??? Couvert municipal de l'Hotel de Ville'.
Order #18092.
Price $18.

'Salon de Conseille Municipal. Hotel de Ville'. Drunk again!
Condition. Damage on right as illustrated.
Order #18093.
Price $12.

E.Lamy. 'Salle du Trone du Luxembourg'.
Condition. Backing tissue is foxed but this doesn't show up when viewing.
Order #18094.
Price $18.

'Salle du Trone du Senat Luxembourg'.
Condition. Couple of very slight splits.
Order #18095.
Price $15.

'Tombeau de St. Jerome'.
Condition. Tiny split, slight foxing.
Order #18096.
Price $15.

Untitled view of Napoleon's tomb, dated 1867.
Condition. Very slight split, backing tissue foxed.
Order #18097.
Price $10.

Condition. Appears foxed but isn't.
Order #18098.
Price $18.

'La Sainte-Chapelle a Paris. Vue Interieure'.
Condition. Tiny split, left side.
Order #18101.
Price $8.

'Interieure. St Etienne du Mont, Paris'. Fine view, much better than scan.
Order #18103.
Price $22.

'St Etienne du Mont, interieure'.  Dated 1867.
Order #18104.
Price $15.

'No 215. Interieure des Eglises Gde. Autel a l'Eglise Ste. Clotide'.
Order #18105.
Price $18.

'La Chapelle aux Senat'. Very fine tinting.
Condition. One tiny dent at bottom of left image.
Order #18106.
Price $18.

'Paris. No 12. St Eustache'.
Condition. Good view but grubby mount.
Order #18107.
Price $12.

E. Lamy. 'Chambre de ???? ????, Luxembourg'.
Order #18109.
Price $18.

'Palais du Senat. La Chapelle'.
Condition. Brown stain at bottom left.
Order #18112.
Price $15.

'1084. Abbaye de St Denis. Tombeau d'Henri II'.
Condition. Slight damage to backing tissue.
Order #18113.
Price $15.

'1082. Abbaye de St Denis. Vue interieure'.
Order #18114.
Price $15.

'1083. Abbaye de St Denis. Tombeau de Louis XII'.
Order #18115.
Price $15.


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