Glass views, page three - Italy

Glass is difficult to photograph -there are various marks caused by light reflection. I will try to mention all marks that actually appear on the images. Some views are much lighter than others. In general that is because the sun came out when I was photographing some - a rare occurence in England. The camera has struggled with a few - especially the interior statue views with a black opaque background. It has decided to put red spots and milky reflections in here and there but, in general, I think you will agree that the photos are pretty good.Images are taken photographically (scanners do not work with glass views due to refraction). They are all taken in natural sunlight and are not enhanced or sharpened. Where there is an expanse of blank sky I have moved in on the image where possible and cut out the sky area. The full extent of each view can be seen on the image of the whole view. First image is the left and the second is the right.

There are some views with minor damage which I have included. All damage is noted. Apart from the odd single-sheet view, these are all professional views - many by Ferrier and Soulier.

Postage on glass views will be charged at cost to us. As an indication, one view costs $18 to the US. For $75 we can get secure insured shipping from Fedex for 2 kg (4.5 lbs) in weight. This represents about 12 views plus packaging. Please note: We GUARANTEE safe arrival.
Please enjoy these views as I have, and marvel at their brilliance. Each thumbnail, when clicked, will produce a large image.


Ferrier Pere and Soulier '568bis 'Vue des Cascatelles a Tivoli'.
Order #G151.
Price $120.


Ferrier No 538. 'Chateau et pont Saint-Ange a Rome'. This has wide tape and has probably been retaped. Slight crack top right edge.
Order #G154.
Price $110.


Ferrier & Soulier No 7320. Vue dans la campagne de Rome.
Order #G157.
Price $110.


Ferrier & Soulier No 548bis Galerie des Chiaramonti (Vatican, No 1).
Order #G161.
Price $95.


Ferrier & Soulier No 7338. Interieur de la Bibliotheque du Vatican.
Order #G162.
Price $95.


Ferrier No 7338 'Interieur de la Bibliotheque du Vatican, No 3'.
Order #G163.
Price $95.


Ferrier & Soulier No 561bis Chambre des bustes et galerie des statues (Vatican).
Order #G164.
Price $110.


Ferrier & Soulier No 7590. Interieur de Saint-Paul hors le murs (No 1).
Order #G165.
Price $95.

Ferrier and Soulier. No 7333. 'Le Genie de la Mort, par Canova. Inter. de Saint Pierre'. Some light surface scratches and a loss to image on r/h edge.
Order #G166.
Price $110.


Ferrier, Soulier and Levy No 7322 'Vue generale de l'interieur de Saint-Pierre'.
Order #G167.
Price $90.


Ferrier & Soulier No 7532. Interieur de la cathedrale de Milan.
Order #G169.
Price $95.


Ferrier & Soulier No 462. Pont des Soupirs No 2 a Venise.
Order #G172.
Price $95.


Ferrier, Soulier and Levy No 7654. 'Tour penchee, Pise, Italie'.
Order #G173.
Price $110.


Ferrier and Soulier No 1291 'Ravenne de Sorrente (environs de Naples)'.
Order #G174.
Price $120.


Ferrier & Soulier No 714. Vue generale du golfe de Naples et de Vesuve. Some binding tape missing and slight movement possible between the glasses.
Order #G176.
Price $85.


Ferrier No 7654 'Temple d'Isis a Pompei'.
Order #G177.
Price $130.


Ferrier, Soulier and Levy No 7499. 'Panorama de Come No 3 (Italie)'.
Order #G179.
Price $110.


Ferrier, Soulier and Levy No 7506 'Bellagio, vue de Tremezina, lac de Come (Italie)'.
Order #G180.
Price $110.


Ferrier, Soulier and Levy No 7510 'Bellagio, lac de Come, Italie'.
Order #G181.
Price $110.


Ferrier No 268. 'Chateau Sainte-Marie et vallee de Luz (Pyrenees)'. Slight crack and loss bottom right corner - this has been taped over indicating a retape although this was professionally done many years ago. Light marks in sky which almost view out in strong light.
Order #G185.
Price $110.


Ferrier, Soulier and Levy No 9171. 'Tunnel de Gondo, route de Simplon, Italie'.
Order #G186.
Price $110.

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