Canada, Greenland, The Arctic
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All the Underwood and Keystone dark mount views, except where mentioned, have full text descriptions on the back.

Underwood 'Ottawa Park and Government Grounds, Ottawa'.
Condition 10.
Order #101.
Price $10.

Underwood 'Rideau Hall, residence of the Governor General, Ottawa'.
Condition 8.
Order #102.
Price $15.

Underwood/Strohmeyer 'Lovers' Walk, Gov't Grounds, Ottawa'.
Condition. Fades a bit in background but much as produced.
Order #103.
Price $6.

Three early views from the same group

Handwritten 'Rideau Falls, near Ottawa'.
Condition 6.
Order #104.
Price $35.

'300. Hayden's Valley near Big Thompson Creek'.
Condition. Grubby but clear.
Order #105.
Price $18.

This is from the same group and has a title in very florid ink script which I can't read.
Condition 6.
Order #106.
Price $15.

Yellow marks are my scanner getting a bit tired.

Underwood 'The Old Town from the Citadel, Quebec'.
Condition 9/10.
Order #111.
Price $12.

Keystone 'Shrine of Ste. Anne, Ste. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec'. Nicely hand-tinted. Descriptive text.
Condition 8/9.
Order #112.
Price $18.

Underwood/Strohmeyer 'Interior of Basilica Cathedral, Quebec'.
Condition 8.
Order #116.
Price $10.

J.G. Parks. 'Natural Steps, Quebec'.
Condition 5 with stain on r/h image.
Order #8605.
Price $6.

B.W. Kilburn. 'The Ice Palace, Great Winter Carnival, Montreal'.
Condition. Lines are cables. Slight split on right image, images fuzzy.
Order #8608.
Price $5.

G. Parks. 'Notre Dame, Montreal'.
Condition 7/8 (slight marks).
Order #8609.
Price $18.

Handwritten 'French Church, Montreal'.
Condition 7/8.
Order #8611.
Price $12.

J.G. Parks, Views of Montreal 'Jesuit Church - Montreal'.
Condition 9.
Order #8612.
Price $12.

J.G. Parks, Views of Montreal 'Jesuit Church - Montreal'. A much lighter version.
Condition 9.
Order #8613.
Price $8.

Handwritten 'Jesuit Church Montreal'.
Condition 7 (soft mount corner).
Order #8615.
Price $10.

J.G. Parks. Handwritten (not very clear) '24789 lbs. Cost $2,000'. Presumably Montreal.
Condition 9.
Order #8616.
Price $18.

The next are cabinet views (7 by 4.25 inches) by William Notman - all with this or similar back.


'796. The Windsor, Montreal'.
Condition. 7.
Order #8620.
Price $25.

'784. Ladies' Ordinary, Windsor, Montreal'.
Condition. Light white processing spots.
Order #8621.
Price $30.

'817. Grand Dining Room, Windsor, Montreal'.
Condition. White processing spots.
Order #8622.
Price $30.

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