Canada, Greenland, The Arctic
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All the Underwood and Keystone dark mount views, except where mentioned, have full text descriptions on the back.

Keystone. 'Windmill Point near Prescott, Ontario'.
Condition 9/10.
Order #11102.
Price $18.

Underwood. 'Nature's charms in Nature's mirror - Shadow River, Muskoka, Canada'. No descriptive text.
Condition 10.
Order #11103.
Price $10.

Keystone. 'The Kettles from Mar??? Point, Muskoka'.
Condition. Surface marks.
Order #11104.
Price $12.

Underwood 'Sheep raising on an Ontario farm'.
Condition 10.
Order #11106.
Price $6.


William Notman 'Sunset on Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia'.
Condition. Some light glue creep (don't confuse with the clouds!).
Order #11108.
Price $12.

Handwritten. 'Mirror Lake, Rocky Mountains'.
Condition 8.
Order #11109.
Price $8.

Fine Art Photographers' Publishing Co. 'A treacherous crevasse in Victoria Glacier - Mt Lefroy and Mt Victoria in distance. Canadian Rockies'.
Condition. Trimmed at top. Back is very worn and developer put his thumbprint on the neg whch shows in l/h image. Apart from that views well!
Order #11110.
Price $4.

Underwood 'Throw your head back and look up one of the big trees, Stanley Park, Vancouver'.
Condition 9.
Order #11111.
Price $6.

Keystone 'Caribou Suspension Bridge, Spuzzum, B.C., Can. C.P. Ry.'
Condition 8.
Order #11112.
Price $12.

Keystone 'Dreamy Lake Agnes, Lakes in the Clouds, Canadian Rockies, B.C.'
Condition 9/10.
Order #11113.
Price $12.

Underwood 'Main Street - looking south from City Hall Square, Winnipeg, Manitoba'.
Condition. Light marks and small scuff in sky. Otherwise 8.
Order #11116.
Price $12.

Canadian Scenery 'The Glenn, Lower Whirlpool Rapids'. Very thick mount.
Condition 6/7.
Order #11118.
Price $6.

Canadian Scenery 'Bridge from Goat Island'. Very thick mount.
Condition 7.
Order #11119.
Price $8.

Underwood 'Looking over the "Whirlpool" and down the River - from Canadian side - Niagara USA'.
Condition 9/10.
Order #11120.
Price $10.

George Curtis 'Horseshoe Fall - Canada side'.
Condition. Very clear but some glue creep on left image.
Order #11121.
Price $3.

'Thousand Islands House, Thousand Islands'.
Condition. Rather light but views well.
Order #11122.
Price $6.

Underwood 'A moonlit night on the broad St Lawrence'.
Condition  8/9.
Order #11123.
Price $8.

Keystone 'Draped in Winter's crystal splendor - Trail to Fairview and Saddleback Mountain, Lake Louise, Alberta'. Descriptive text on back.
Condition 10.
Order #11124.
Price $18.

Underwood 'Beautiful valley of the Bow, Banff, Alberta'.
Condition. White production spots over both images.
Order #11125.
Price $5.

Underwood 'The picturesque snow-clad Mt Victoria, Rocky Mountains, Alberta'.
Condition 8.
Order #11126.
Price $12.

Keystone 'Bow River Vally, Alberta, Can'. Nicely hand-tinted.
Condition. Bottom right corner of mount bent.
Order #11128.
Price $15.

Underwood. 'The Stoney Reservation from Morley, Alberta'.
Condition 8.
Order #11130.
Price $12.

Underwood. 'Gold miners at work in the Klondike country, Yukon District, Canada'.
Condition 8/9.
Order #11132.
Price $35.

Underwood 'The world's most unique inhabitants - Esquimaux with summer tents, Greenland'.
Condition 10.
Order #11135.
Price $18.

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