The search box will work if you enter simply words or phrases, such as Francis Bedford. It will, however, pick up any example of the letters occuring in that order, for example, it will find San Francisco, which includes the word Francis.

To avoid that, please enter quotation marks at the beginning and end of your search word or phrase, for example "francis bedford"

This should take you to what you are searching for.

The search will take you to the first entry on a page where the word or phrase occurs. There may be others and you can either scroll down to find them or press ctrl andon your keyboard at the same time to bring up a find box. Then enter your word and it will find each entry to the bottom of the page.

This feature is new on the site and adding it to 11,000 entries was a labour of love for which I express my gratitude to my daughter Melody and her friend Dominic. It may have teething troubles but please be patient and give us feedback so that we can iron out the glitches.

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